The traditional role of HR is losing relevance, right along with permanent full-time employment. Economic conditions in many industries are more unpredictable now than they ever have been. Product life cycles are disrupted more frequently. We can’t plan ahead as far as we did in decades past.

These challenges are driving managers at all levels to increasingly rely on consultants and the contingent workforce to stay ahead of shifting demand for talent. Not only does this circumvent traditional HR processes, it often incurs excessive costs of consulting, recruiting and staffing.

Meanwhile our focus in HR on permanent full-time employees (and HR systems focus on permanent full-time employees) overlooks the challenge that nearly every department manager faces: continuously variable demand for talent.

This presentation shows why HR is essential to the success of every company navigating uncertainty. You will learn 5 techniques that can be implemented right away in processes and systems, to make your company thrive in uncertainty. Finally, we summarize to show how all of this will elevate HR to a strategic role we have not seen before.