Project Managers have landed

Project Managers have arrived in the future of work before everyone else. Our profession has prepared us for the project-based economy that creates much of our work today.  We will discuss how project managers are leading the future of work.

We are in a project-based economy where the role of people in the production of anything, goods and services, is shifting from direct labor inputs, to designers, builders and maintainers of systems which produce goods and services.

Every time a business chooses to re-tool some aspect of productive capacity, we project managers are called to get it done. We assemble productive teams which span traditional organizational boundaries to implement new processes and systems.  Having developed these skills, our colleagues in other departments will need us as their jobs change.

We wrap-up this talk with will look at how jobs and employment are quickly becoming transactional, and how companies will revise the way they engage people in order to thrive.