Extraordinary Advantage of an Agile Professional Workforce

Challenging business conditions may seem like the last place you would find advantage. And yet extraordinary advantage is right here in front of us, waiting for you to take it.  The problem for many businesses is, we have variable, fluctuating business conditions, in a word: uncertainty. Still, companies operate almost entirely with the fixed cost of permanent full-time employees.  Traditional consulting and staffing, with their gate-keeper roles and hidden costs, are industrial age solutions that aren’t going to solve your problem.  In this talk you will learn what business processes can be updated, borrowing concepts developed over more than 30 years of supply chain management.  We discuss how to implement changes in your business processes to gain flexibility. Your company will respond to continuously shifting business conditions and thrive in uncertainty.  That’s the essence of business agility. We wrap-up with a brief discussion about why not everyone will implement these techniques, thus giving an extraordinary advantage to those who do. See you at the presentation!