Start with a project. Build a permanent network of professionals.

consultant network

Keep the Knowledge You Invest

Maintain direct contact with consultants you want to work with again. Build your permanent network of professionals. Always have a team ready for your next project.

Free Agent Source doesn't extract break fees if you hire-on consultants permanently. But you may be just as happy maintaining long-term B2B relationships with independent professionals. With Free Agent Source, there are no gatekeepers preventing direct, long-term relationships.

permanent talent network
Staff augmentation without the kick in the pants costs of staffing agencies.

None of the Kick in the Pants Costs

That accompany staffing agencies. Why? Because we're not a staffing agency.

Free Agent Source

  • Full transparency on rates for all parties
  • Hire anyone from any source. Only pay for recruiting when you actually need a recruiter.
  • Hire-in professionals you like—without any break fees.
  • Some of the best talent lives the life of the independent professional.
  • FAS consultants are enrolled in our 401(k) plan with employer contribution.

Staffing Agencies

  • You don't see what the staffer is paid vs. markup.
  • You pay the recruiting fee for the life of the position.
  • Penalties if you want to hire someone exceptional
  • Morale issues: staffing is frequently the professional last resort.
  • Engagement issues: staffers get minimum compliant benefits.