The full range of consulting solutions for corporate clients.


Projects from the Start

Open Source Methodology: We are agile practitioners who solve your problems in the most direct way possible. No elaborate proprietary methodologies to drain time and budget. Your priorities always win.

Only the Roster You Need: Assemble the team you need, with no unnecessary consultants. Consultants in front of you have authority to revise project scope, revisit what is delivered and solve issues without "kicking it upstairs" to a “gatekeeper” or consulting partner.

No Silos or Extra Layers: Consultants are a seamless extension of YOUR organization–no wall between "external" and "internal" team members. You get open communication that improves speed and efficiency of delivery. Re-engage consultants or extend engagements as needed.

Projects Back on Track

Accountability on the Ground: Expertise resides in the consultants on the ground. There's no partnership model, and no need to stake outcomes on vendor brand. Consultants are 100% accountable for done, working deliverables. 

You Set Priorities: Our consultants provide an independent perspective with no requirement to present a centralized corporate position. They are loyal to your goals and to your project success.

Always Have a Team: Any consultant you like joins your permanent network of go-to team members. Always have a team ready for your next project. This ensures you preserve and develop the knowledge invested in consultants, without maintaining a permanent roster of traditional full-time employees.

Post-Project App Support

Continuity of Support: Maintain a direct relationship with consultants, knowing we never "rotate" them off your project or out of your network against your preferences. This is how you retain institutional knowledge.

App Expertise: The consultant in front of you knows the app (see examples), and only needs to learn your situation and what you've done with the app.

Permanent Familiarity: Because consultants are independent professionals, they don't get 'poached' by other companies and departments. Keep a relationship with your consultant as long as you both wish.

Compare to Big 4 Consulting Firms

Always True With Free Agent Source

  • Drive Your Priorities
  • Engage Consultants Directly
  • Long-term Consultant Relationships

Missing From Other Consulting Firms

  • Consulting Without Friction
  • Keep the Knowledge You Invest
  • Permanent Network of Professionals
Agile consulting doesn't load you down with people, processes, and overhead cost.
Traditional consulting is dead.
Top consulting firms aren't necessarily the most effective or efficient.