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Marketing Consultant

Marketing Direction and Social Selling

Tell an effective story, and align your marketing efforts with the revenue side of the company.

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Sales Alignment

Joining your sales team to ensure marketing serves revenue goals & Sales acquires new tools.

Brand Story

Crafting a narrative that reinforces sales dialogues and sustains all your marketing.

Program Leadership

Why hire a salaried marketing director when fractional leadership will steer the boat?

Content Direction

Developing content is the bedrock of marketing. Effectively led content campaigns get results.

The Marketing Conundrum:

“Most marketing shoves messages at an increasingly jaded audience. The more you do, the less happens. By contrast, effective storytelling that involves us and immerses us in the narrative has never gotten old.”- Daniel DiGriz, Practice Area Leader for Marketing

Sales Alignment

Sales brings in the revenue, along with Product developing what is sold. Marketing can’t be a silo. It has to distill the messages that drive revenue into a compelling narrative and basis for content direction.

Brand Story

Most marketing is boring and is mentally discarded by the end user. The memorable stuff sticks out, because it’s the exception. But stories stick, because we’re ancestrally, neurologically tuned to them. At the root of every effective marketing program is a highly developed brand narrative.

Campaign Leadership

Most content is haphazard. The sporadic email “blast”, a sprinkle of social, an ongoing spray of website posts, some pay to play options that may or may not be worth the investment. By contrast, a solid campaign unites all marketing channels for an end-to-end message over a concerted time frame, instead of spreading a thin layer of many ideas at once.


Most of us are too close to our own firms to do messaging effectively. Powerful messaging is, above all, about the end-user (directly or indirectly) and unique to the brand. There’s no generic messaging (excellent customer service, best in class, the first name in blah blah blah). It often requires someone from the outside to find the intimate points in the brand narrative that can stand on their own in a competitive market rife with noise.

Daniel DiGriz is the FAS practice area leader for education.

Daniel DiGriz

Daniel is the practice area leader for marketing and social selling. He’s been developing brand stories, leading marketing campaigns, and providing content direction for longer than FAS has been a company.

Use Cases

Creating a marketing program

It’s time: you’ve reached a stage in revenue, but also in market saturation and competitive footprint, that marketing is no longer optional. End to end marketing program creation starts with bringing on an ‘external marketing director’ or ‘outsource CMO’ to professionalize a side of your company that, until now, hasn’t been fleshed out.

Marketing needs to be more effective

The numbers are the truth. And marketing, to be worth the investment, must align itself with revenue generation, with the part of the company defining the ‘product’, and with the underlying story that remains to be told that no one is yet fully hearing. Once you have that, put in the requisite resources, and get the right direction, it’s on the numbers. An FAS consultant will take you there.

Let’s Build a Marketing & Sales Program People Love

One Unified Team

Everyone in the company can pitch in as brand evangelists. They’re more likely to do so when the same messages are reflected internally and outwardly to the market.

Eyes on Brand 90%

Support for the Sale

Salespeople eat what they kill. They need the tools to bring in revenue for all of us. That means a better story, better collateral, better audience reach, and training on new methods to get more leads.

Contacts Initiaties 92%


Marketing numbers are often fluff. What good is a like or follower? How much did revenue increase? Better measures are eyes on brand, contacts initiated, and year end revenue. Everything else is…?

Year End Revenue 89% Last chance!