Startup Overnight

Running a Business Involves a Lot of Overhead

Work for Yourself Without Maintaining a Company

And Keep Your Day Job While You Grow

Running a Business is its Own Full Time Job

If you do it yourself, you need a bookkeeper, CPA, business formation attorney, contract attorney, business insurance, payroll management, and you still have to go get clients . . .

Cut out all the overhead and pay yourself on a W-2.

Keep control and have all the benefits of a million dollar business.

Put your ideas for independent income into action.

Immediate Setup Without the Liability

Instead of running your own business entity, operate your consulting practice as a business unit of ours, complete with your own account statement and business expense reimbursement. Clients pay through us. All the numbers are transparent. At end of year, you get a standard W-2.

Offer Contracts With Confidence

Our business is your startup platform: Hand clients a business to business contract that we provide. You are backed by the professional standards and insurance coverage of Free Agent Source Inc. so you can focus on finding clients and doing the work.

This is your path out of a traditional job.

Start enjoying professional freedom.

You've got the skills and talent, now get the rewards!


Zero Startup Costs!

"Most professionals' top concern is bringing in the business. It's also what they have the least time for, because they're too busy running the business. The time killer isn't working for clients, it's keeping up with the formalities and legal requirements."

-- Daniel DiGriz, Co-Founder, Free Agent Source