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Project Completion


We Are a Management Consulting Company Made of Independent Professionals

What you need most out of your corporate project Is someone to just do it.

You've seen this before.

Most consulting firms bring in the advance team with all the pomp. Before doing anything, they pre-analyze, interview, & focus on prepping documents. It all racks up billable time. Documentation is not progress. Shipped product is.

You could reach out to a staffing agency, but you pay the same markup as the consulting firm, without the polish and consistency. Now you're accountable to RUN the project, while they just STAFF it.

Instead, you engage a consulting firm that just gets it done, with a pre-built project methodology and platform. Free Agent Source provides the accountability of a professional services firm without all the build up and presentation.

By the time another firm would be freezing requirements with 40% of your budget gone toward analysis, you've got 40% of your project done! Your focus is on execution, without tedious "discovery phases" and interviews.

The very best consultants do not work, think or act like employees.

So we created a company where no one is treated like a traditional employee.

IT Consulting

  • New Software Implementation
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Data Center Migration

Fewer presentations.
More focus on iterations.


Optimize Operations

  • Implement lean manufacturing
  • Streamline service operations
  • Integrate robotics into operations
  • Deploy 3D printing

You want execution.
Not more documentation.


Do What They Don't

  • Faster (highest value now vs. phases)
  • Cheaper (less wasteful analysis)
  • Right (project tools and SMEs)

All sides of the project triangle


"If You Want a Strategy, a Powerpoint Presentation, or to Protect Your Position in the Company, Call a Big Four Accounting Firm."

If You Want to Get it Done, Get Free Agent Source.

Move Your Project Forward

With Free Agent Source