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Agile Management Consulting

Agile Management Consulting

Strategic Initiatives

Achieve extraordinary competitive advantage in the market by matching workforce to workload, all the time!

Consulting Engagements

Engage one professional or a whole team, without the usual pain!

What is your biggest gripe with engaging consultants?

The consulting company! In other words:

The Cost

High costs are driven by excess markup on billable rates as a tax on your company to support the partnership model of most firms.

The Gatekeeper

You don't get to choose your consultants; they do. You have to agree not to hire them away from the consulting firm and, to re-engage, you have to go back through the gatekeeper.


You don't want excess analysis, extra consultants, or needless presentations. You just want your project done.

Welcome to the sharing economy applied to consulting.

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agile management consulting

We deliver the full range of consulting solutions for corporate clients with one important difference. Our consultants are employees of Free Agent Source, but you engage them directly.


A Consulting Company With All the Advantages of the Sharing Economy

Control Your Costs

We've eliminated excess cost with a flat organizational structure. Engage professional consultants directly at fair market rates. 


No More Gatekeeper

The value is the consultant relationship, not the firm. Engage only the consultants you want. Re-engage consultants by contacting them directly.

Holy Cow!

Your direct relationships with consultants means execution isn't just a marketing phrase. You're in control; consultants achieve YOUR goals.

Get the professionals you want and without excess overhead or the gatekeeper role.

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Workforce Agility

Gain extraordinary advantage.

Match workforce to workload, all the time!

We show you how to make your company thrive in uncertainty with an agile workforce.


You have variable customer demand and a fixed workforce (not agile). Product life cycles are disrupted more frequently than in decades past. 


Your business can't keep up with customer demand during growth; it bleeds costs in times of decline.


Let us walk your leadership team through a strategic shift to workforce agility. Match workforce to workload all the time, for an extraordinary advantage.

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