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Agile Management Consulting

Agile Management Consulting Strategic Initiatives Achieve extraordinary competitive advantage in the market by matching workforce to workload, all the time! SHOW ME Consulting Engagements Engage one professional or a whole team, without the usual pain! WHAT PAIN? What is your biggest gripe with engaging consultants? The consulting company! In other words: The Cost High costs are …

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The Sharing Economy Applied to Management Consulting

The Sharing Economy Applied to Management Consulting We ensure the integrity of DIRECT relationships between corporate clients and independent consultants. LAUNCH NOW LEARN MORE WHAT YOU NEED MOST OUT OF YOUR CORPORATE PROJECT Is someone to just do it. Get it done without the overhead. Most consulting firms bring in the advance team with all […]

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To Fix Your Business, You Have to Break It INTO PIECES . . . Diagnostic Check Learn More Focus on Optimizing Big Chunks. Performance Tuning Starts By Modularizing Your Company YOUR BUSINESS ISN’T REALLY BROKEN; JUST THE PIECES ARE. You DON’T Need a Business Coach Don’t stake it all on a generalist with their idiosyncrasies […]

Independent Recruiter

Free Agent Recruiter

INDEPENDENT RECRUITERS Put Together Entire Consulting Teams Stop Filling Jobs One at a Time YOUR COMPETITION ISN’T OTHER RECRUITERS It’s Major Consulting Firms You Have A Huge Advantage Over Big Consulting Firms INDEPENDENTS ARE YOUR EDGE There’s a vast talent pool of independent professionals that your competition can’t field. A good recruiter can put together […]

Free Agent Projects

Just as Open Source Software Became Enterprise, the Open-Source Talent Pool is Now Mainstream. Build Your Own Teams for Do-It-Yourself Corporate Projects Employ Contractors Without an Agency Use Your Own Company Recruiters Hire in Any Time, Without Fees Your Projects With Only the Talent You Need LEARN MORE Safely Engage Independent Professionals from the Entire […]