Why the emphasis on recruiting?

Our key competitive advantage over traditional consulting firms is this: A good recruiter can assemble a far better team of consultants than any traditional consulting firm can. We are completely open about relying on the entire talent pool of independent professionals rather than retaining salaried consultants on the company roster. Even better, assembling project teams this way is where an experienced independent recruiter excels ahead of his or her peers at traditional consulting firms. When a traditional consulting firm gets a client engagement request, the resource manager looks for consultants internally on the company roster, to find which are available and whose skills fit. The problem is, traditional consulting firms often do not have the required consulting expertise in house. Consultants are either not available or the required skills and experience aren’t represented. When the resource manager goes outside the company to hire sub-contractors, they try to keep it a secret, to perpetuate the illusion that they have the best talent in house and no other consulting company does.