What is included in the fee?

The list and chart below show a break-down of operating costs which make up the overall fee.  Basically we take the fixed and running costs of operating your own company and turn it into a pay-as-you go solution that you can join without start-up costs and leave without break fees.

  • Client service agreement and all client contact related to the service agreement
  • Client invoice, follow-up with amounts due, client inquires related to invoices
  • 401k employer contribution for each consultant
  • Employer Social Security & Medicare Payroll Tax
  • General Liability & Professional Liability Insurance
  • Consultant Support, Internal Operations, Payroll Processing, Expense Processing
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Employee Benefit Admin: 401k
  • Software Licenses and External Payroll Services
  • Consultant Account Statement (internal software)
  • Federal & State Unemployment Payroll Tax
  • Regulatory Compliance, Form Filing, Tax Filing
  • Legal Services and On-Going Risk Management