What are the steps to join?

This is the entire process, from initial contact with us through to your first payment.

  1. Send us your contact info using the form at the bottom of our site for consultants StartupOvernight.com.
  2. An Enrollment Advisor will contact you to answer your questions and show you how to work with Free Agent Source and pitch clients. No need to sign your Employment Agreement at this point.
  3. Start pitching clients. When a client is ready to sign, contact your Enrollment Advisor who will send the Service Agreement to your client for signature using an electronic signature app.
  4. Your Enrollment Advisor will also send the Employment Agreement and other employment documents to you for your signature.
  5. After we have the signed Service Agreement from your client and we have also received your signed Employment Agreement, you can begin work with your client.  Congratulations!
  6. Submit time sheets at the end of each week.
  7. We process payroll at minimum wage for your hours worked.
  8. At the end of the client billing period, we invoice your clients.
  9. When we receive payment from your clients, remaining revenue is available for pay-out to you.   (Remaining revenue = client billed amount paid – minimum wage already paid to you)