Do I give up control of my business?

We get it.  None of us wants to concede freedom over our professional future to an executive, a boss or a company. Each of us wants control over our own business. That’s what you get when you operate as your own practice area within Free Agent Source: control over your business and professional endeavors. Should you ever decide to leave, you can take your client relationships with you.

You have the same control over your future that an Airbnb hosts have with their property.  We take it further, though. As a Free Agent Source consultant, you are a member of an active community who shape Free Agent Source itself, to make it better, to make it serve your interests more effectively.  Together, we make our shared company better than we could if each of us managed our own LLC or Corp. Just like it’s more efficient to share a hosted server or use apps and data in the cloud, than it is to buy a server and maintain it entirely yourself, we think owning and operating your own company as an independent consultant isn’t as efficient either.