Marketing for Enterprise Revenue Goals

In the competitive business world, busy enterprise sales teams often choose to work with an outside marketing partner who shares their revenue focus, sales-centric attitude, and bottom-line goals. This collaboration can be more effective than working with an in-house marketing team that might maintain a silo around marketing efforts apart from sales objectives. A marketing partner who understands the sales perspective can help bridge the gap between the two disciplines, ensuring a more cohesive and results-driven approach.

Revenue-Focused Marketing Initiatives – What FAS Solves

Busy and distributed corporate sales teams need a partner who can speak both languages – marketing and sales. This dual expertise is essential for bridging the gap between the sales department’s objectives and the myriad of marketing ideas that can create decision fatigue, waste annual sales budgets, and yield unclear results. Free Agent Source Inc. (FAS) offers Marketing Consultants who are also salespeople, providing an integrated approach that addresses the needs of both disciplines and drives revenue-focused marketing initiatives.

Marketing to Sell – the FAS Standard

A Marketing Consultant who is also a salesperson brings special talents to the table. These polymaths are well-versed in ongoing coaching for optimization, thematic campaign design, account targeting, scripting and designing lead magnets and landing pages, and offering continual encouragement. By leveraging their unique skillset, these professionals can create marketing strategies that are tailored to drive sales and achieve revenue goals.

Work With a Polymath Who Speaks Marketing & Sales

At Free Agent Source Inc., our Sales Consultants and Sales Campaign Leaders are focused on exactly what sales teams want – opportunities and revenue. Our unique business model promotes direct relationships between clients and consultants, backed by FAS accountability and its B2B relationship. By working with a polymath who speaks both marketing and sales, clients can effectively bridge the gap between these two disciplines, creating a unified and results-driven approach to achieving their enterprise revenue goals.