Corporate training is one of our practice areas.

Education Consultant

Education & Organizational Transformation

Channel the intrinsic motivations of your employees into the optimism of your organization.

Instructional Design

From overall program to precise curriculum, metrics, and data science.

Corporate Education

From leadership training to employee training and train-the-trainer.

Digital Instruction

From streaming webinars to learning platforms and learning communities.

Org Transformation

From grassroots stakeholder involvement to culture change.

The Educational Conundrum:

"Most training is dictated and implemented by force. Recipients grind through it, because they have to, not because they want to. Meanwhile, the deeper changes we make involve our deepest intrinsic motivations."

- Daniel DiGriz, Education Consultant

Daniel DiGriz is the FAS practice area leader for education.

Daniel DiGriz

Daniel is the practice area leader for education and organizational transformation. He's been building learning environments and implementing corporate education for a couple of decades.

Use Cases

Let's Build a Learning Environment Your People Will Love

Grassroots Learning

Instead of a top-down model, involve learners in the process of creating the learning they want and need.


Interactive Learning

Go beyond 'multiple media' and let us create education that involves learners creating meaning.


Provable ROI

If learning can't be measured, did it really take place? Measure meaningful degrees of impact.