Workbrain Customization and Implementation

Infor Workbrain is a workforce management software solution that helps organizations manage employee scheduling, time and attendance, labor forecasting, and compliance. Workbrain is highly configurable, allowing organizations to customize the software to meet their specific business needs.

Workbrain Implementation – What FAS Solves

There are several unique challenges to Infor Workbrain implementation that may not apply to other software, including:

Complex workforce management processes: Infor Workbrain is designed to manage complex workforce management processes such as time and attendance, scheduling, and leave management. These processes often have specific requirements that can be challenging to configure in the system.

Legacy system integration: Infor Workbrain is often implemented as a replacement for legacy systems, which means that integrating with these systems can be a challenge. Data migration, business process integration, and technology integration are all critical components of the implementation process.

High customization needs: Many organizations require significant customization of Infor Workbrain to meet their unique business needs. Customizing the system can be challenging and requires specialized skills and experience.

Limited vendor support: Infor Workbrain is a legacy system that is no longer actively developed, and support from the vendor may be limited. This can make it challenging to resolve issues and obtain updates to the system.

Inadequate documentation: In some cases, documentation for Infor Workbrain may be outdated, incomplete, or nonexistent. This can make it challenging to understand how the system works and to customize it effectively.

Overall, the unique challenges of Infor Workbrain implementation stem from the system’s complex workforce management processes, integration needs, high customization requirements, limited vendor support, and inadequate documentation. Organizations that are considering implementing Infor Workbrain should carefully plan and manage these challenges to ensure a successful implementation.

Workbrain Consultant – The FAS Standard

An experienced Infor Workbrain consultant needs to have a strong skill set in the following areas for large scale implementation:

In-depth knowledge of Infor Workbrain: The consultant should have a thorough understanding of the software and its functionalities. They should be familiar with the core modules, features, and capabilities of Infor Workbrain.

Technical expertise: The consultant should have a strong technical background in database management, data analysis, and software programming. They should be proficient in languages such as SQL, Java, .NET, and XML.

Business acumen: The consultant should have a strong understanding of the business needs and requirements of the organization. They should be able to align the Infor Workbrain solution with the company’s objectives and strategies.

Project management skills: The consultant should have the ability to manage complex projects and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. They should be able to create project plans, track progress, and manage resources effectively.

Communication skills: The consultant should have excellent communication skills to interact with stakeholders, project teams, and end-users. They should be able to articulate complex technical concepts in simple language.

Problem-solving skills: The consultant should have the ability to identify problems and develop solutions that meet the business needs of the organization. They should be able to work under pressure and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Training and documentation skills: The consultant should have the ability to develop training materials and documentation to support end-users in adopting the Infor Workbrain solution. They should be able to provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of the software.

Workbrain Implementation Challenges FAS Takes On

Customizing any software solution can be a complex and time-consuming process with potential risks if not implemented properly. Customizing Infor Workbrain can be a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. Customizing, implementing, and deploying Infor Workbrain can present a number of unique challenges, including:

System Complexity: Infor Workbrain is a complex system that requires specialized knowledge and expertise to implement and customize effectively. Implementing Workbrain can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, and organizations may struggle to find consultants with the necessary expertise to complete the project.

Customization Challenges: While Workbrain is a highly configurable system, some organizations may have unique requirements that cannot be met with out-of-the-box functionality. Customization may be required to meet specific business needs, which can present technical and operational challenges.

Customization limitations: Infor Workbrain has some customization limitations, and some customizations may require significant development effort or workarounds to implement.

Configuration model: Infor Workbrain has a complex configuration model that can make it difficult to customize certain features or workflows.

Compatibility issues: Infor Workbrain is frequently updated, and customizations must be updated and tested regularly to ensure compatibility with new software versions.

Integration Challenges: Integrating Workbrain with other systems, such as payroll or other HR software, can be a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. Organizations must ensure that Workbrain is seamlessly integrated with their other business applications to maximize its benefits.

User Adoption: Even the most advanced Workbrain implementation is only effective if users adopt it. Organizations must invest in training and change management to ensure that users are properly trained and equipped to use the system effectively.

Data Migration: Implementing Workbrain often involves migrating large amounts of data from legacy systems. This can be a complex process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Performance issues: Customizing Infor Workbrain can sometimes impact the system’s performance, which can affect business operations and user experience.

Security: Infor Workbrain has a complex security model that can be challenging to understand and manage. Customizations must be carefully designed and tested to avoid potential security vulnerabilities.

Overall, the biggest challenge associated with customizing Infor Workbrain is ensuring that customizations meet the organization’s unique needs while remaining compatible, integrated, and secure. Developers must have specialized skills and knowledge to overcome these challenges effectively.

Workbrain Development – FAS Dev Team Proficiencies

Developers can customize Workbrain by creating and modifying configuration files and scripts to add functionality, change workflows, or modify data fields. They can also create custom reports and dashboards to provide insights into employee data, such as attendance trends or overtime costs.

In addition to customization, Workbrain developers can also integrate the software with other systems, such as payroll or HR software, to ensure a seamless flow of data across the organization.

Customization of Workbrain requires a deep understanding of the software’s underlying architecture and business processes. Developers must work closely with business stakeholders to identify requirements, design solutions, and implement changes. They must also thoroughly test their customizations to ensure that they function as expected and do not negatively impact the overall system.

Overall, Workbrain developers play a critical role in helping organizations get the most out of their workforce management software by tailoring it to meet their unique needs and ensuring that it integrates seamlessly with other systems in the organization.

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