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You’re Getting Taken By Staffing Agencies and Consulting Firms

Why You Should Separate Recruiting Fees from Ongoing Consultant Rates

Uncertainty in market conditions puts executives in a bind between retaining a capable workforce and adjusting to fluctuating customer demands. This is why having workforce flexibility is crucial in today’s business landscape. However, the default solution is to retain a permanent full-time workforce, which is the most inflexible option. An open market for consulting talent …

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Just-In-Time Talent

What can a corporate Human Resources administrator, manager, executive do right now to make the company more competitive AND simultaneously address the jobless recovery?  The latter, addressing the jobless recovery, is not philanthropic.  It is a side-effect of higher performing organizations. If you haven’t done so already, it will be helpful to develop an understanding …

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The role-based organization

Want to know what the future of work looks like?  It’s a role-based organization.  It’s not a rigid hierarchy where job titles and authority are handed down from position holders above. You may ask, how can this be the future?  Won’t we end up with disorganized mess? Hardly.  This is the future because it’s more …

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I said no to a great job.

I just couldn’t do it.  To advance through more interviews and probably a job offer, I had to agree to become a regular full-time employee.  It wasn’t for my lack of trying to alleviate concerns. “We can make any commitment contractual:  re-coup your training investment, protect intellectual property, ensure I stay long term.”, I said. …

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