The Future of Work

What Cloud Software Says for Hiring People

Cloud computing is a leaner approach, a more agile approach and a greener approach, than installing stuff to hard drives and servers, keeping it updated, secure, and running smoothly. [This post] observes that “the majority of data center power use comes from non-IT companies running their own data centers less efficiently. ” and cites [google’s own report on how …

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Just-In-Time Talent

What can a corporate Human Resources administrator, manager, executive do right now to make the company more competitive AND simultaneously address the jobless recovery?  The latter, addressing the jobless recovery, is not philanthropic.  It is a side-effect of higher performing organizations. If you haven’t done so already, it will be helpful to develop an understanding …

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The role-based organization

Want to know what the future of work looks like?  It’s a role-based organization.  It’s not a rigid hierarchy where job titles and authority are handed down from position holders above. You may ask, how can this be the future?  Won’t we end up with disorganized mess? Hardly.  This is the future because it’s more …

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