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Hours and location are flexible.

Choose clients and client engagements that fit your personal interests, financial interests, professional interests. We only do contract engagements. Work from home or at client locations. Free Agent Source is for people who want to work on their terms, outside of a traditional corporate hierarchy and still enjoy challenging, professional work. Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose. Free Agent Source does not offer permanent full-time employment. (We don't believe any company true long-term job security, even though they say they do, but we digress.) We offer a way for you to create a succession of project engagements for yourself and a simpler path to the future of work.

  • Guide prospective new clients through the sales process.
  • FAS provides support from pre-sales through contract review and signing.
  • The new account becomes a client when we have a signed agreement and request for consulting engagement.

Ideal Candidates: Independent Recruiters and Sales Professionals in consulting, professional services, enterprise software, big data, robotics, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and other practice areas.


SALES PROFESSIONALS who want to handle new client sales or develop existing client relationships, but not handle recruiting, should work together with a recruiter.

  • Find individuals or teams of consultants to deliver client consulting engagements and projects.
  • In traditional consulting, your role is often called Resource Manager.
  • Your advantage as an Independent Recruiter is, you can recruit nearly anyone. You are not limited by a fixed pool of regular employees the way traditional consulting firms are.
  • Traditional consulting firms try to fill client engagements with the people they have - regular employees.
  • When your client or Engagement Leader asks you to get a project team of consultants, that's when your skills as an independent recruiter make you the hero.
  • You will likely have a large professional network of consultants in your practice area(s) whom you place over and over again.

RECRUITING PROFESSIONALS who want to work FULL DESK are welcome do so.


You can fill up to three roles (the full desk): Sales, Client Engagement and Recruiting. That's similar to running your own recruiting & consulting business. At FAS it's easier because of our ongoing support and no hassle of corporate administration (client invoices, employee time sheets, payroll, taxes, company registration). As your client portfolio grows, you will likely hand-off some of those roles to people you trust. For multiple roles, select Sales in the form.

  • Sales role: In traditional consulting, this is the role of a partner or Engagement Leader.
  • Developing and expanding existing client relationships at all levels of the client organization, from executives to project sponsors.
  • Ensure client requests are fulfilled better than any other consulting company can.
  • EXAMPLE: Did you hear about a new corporate initiative or project? Find the executive sponsor, earn trust by showing what s/he can do with FAS better than any alternative and get the order to deliver a consulting engagement or project team.
  • When it's time to deliver a consulting team or project team, you may do it yourself or hand off to a Recruiter you trust.

Free Agent Source is for consultants who want all the freedom of operating outside of traditional jobs, outside of traditional employment, and still want someone else to handle administrative burdens such as the client agreement, invoicing, insurance, tax, business expense reimbursement, payroll, direct deposit, 401(k), regulatory compliance and more.

We are the third way, a hybrid between work as a freelancer and work as a traditional employee where the company dictates everything from how much time off you can have to what client engagements you must take. (Eww. Who wants that?)

We are a shared company where every consultant operates as his own / her own practice area, complete with your own Account Statement. In accounting terms, we call it your business unit (department) profit / loss statement. Yes, you have your own P&L. You can even apply business expenses against your billed revenue instead of taking payouts as payroll. You have the same flexibility as operating your own business entity as an LLC or Sole Proprietorship.

An analogy: Almost no one sets-up and maintains their own web server. The administrative burden is too much. And why would we manage our server when we can share computing resources more efficiently? It’s all upside benefit and no downside loss.

That’s what Free Agent Source is for consultants: a shared company where you operate your own consulting practice, sort of like operating your own web server within a shared web host. Operate solo on client engagements or together with other consultants as a team. Now you can pitch larger projects. Have trouble getting your own client projects? We can do that for you. For many client engagements, we operate like a traditional consulting firm because we have sales professionals who close the deal and then engage consultants for those client projects.

We open new consulting practice areas frequently, as people like you with unique professional skills join the Free Agent Source community.

Here are some of our practice areas. We would love to add yours!

HR, HRIS, Payroll, Employee Time, Benefits | Project Management | Agile Coaching | Business Agility | Marketing Program Management | Social Selling | Organizational Transformation | Corporate Training & Learning Management |IT consulting | Migration to the Cloud, AWS, Azure | App Integration, MuleSoft | database SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 | Mobile App Development | Web App Development | Supply Chain Management | Business Intelligence | Retail, Warehouse, RFID | Web App Development | Java, .Net, PHP, JavaScript, SQL | Data Mining, Business Intelligence |

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    We're About Freedom

    The opportunity to work on your terms, with engagements you choose, is central to Free Agent Source's ethos. We don't force you into a mold that doesn't serve the life you want to lead. Let us show you why.

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    We're Not About "Fit"

    There is incredible talent available in people with differing skill sets, styles, needs, and walks of life. Free Agent Source never takes a one size fits all approach to talent. Contact us to find out how we make room for you.

We want you! Yes, you!

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