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The Gold Standard in Enterprise Consulting: Direct Relationship, Corporate Accountability

Transitioning employees to contractors doesn't have to be hard, and it's a great way to avoid layoffs.

Transitioning Employees into Contract Relationships—The Next Logical Step

Get your people, get sh(it) done.

Meet the Adventurer Exec—The Leader Who Gets (Sh)it Done

Most consulting presentations are about nothing, and that's intentional.

A Project is Not a Powerpoint Presentation – How Built in Failure Stymies Project Goals


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IT consulting firms that get shit done vs. land and expand

Consultants are More Aligned with Clients than Either Are With Traditional Consulting Firms

Long term relationships drive effective consulting.

Every Project Consulting Situation is a Potential Long-Term Relationship

Keep the accountability of the corporate firm but contact the consultant directly.

Re-engaging Repeat Consultants Without Bureaucracy

FAS offers a unique consulting model for app customization and software implementation.

A Unique Outsourcing Model For Consulting Services & Software Implementation


Unlocking Business Insights: Key Requirements for Customized Data Mining App Implementation and Integration

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Agile Project Delivery: Effective, but not a Religion – A Peoplesoft Implementation Example

Design Your Company for Self-Organizing Teams.

Why Organizational Design is Crucial for Self-Organizing Teams: Lessons from Multiplayer Video Games


Key Contributions of a Corporate Mission Specialist/Consultant for Enterprise-Level Projects

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Key Contributions of a Project Management Leader/Consultant for Enterprise-Level Projects

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Key Requirements for Enterprise-Level Virtual Reality Projects: Exploring Use Cases and Free Agent Source Inc.’s Approach

project management tasks on a desk

The Ultimate Tiny Guide to Customizing and Integrating Atlassian Jira and Microsoft SharePoint for Effective Project Management


5 Key Requirements for Effective Mobile Web App Development: A Platform Comparison

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Streamlining Industrial Operations: A Look at Key Consulting Solutions for Businesses

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The Key Requirements of Effective App Integration: A Guide to Mulesoft, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Custom Integrations


The Essentials of Effective Cloud Migration: A Guide to Moving to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure


Customizing and Implementing Databases: Key Requirements for Success with Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and DB2

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Customizing HRIS, Time and Payroll Software: Key Requirements for Effective Implementation with ADP, Kronos, Infor Workbrain, Peoplesoft, and Workday

You’re Getting Taken By Staffing Agencies and Consulting Firms

Why You Should Separate Recruiting Fees from Ongoing Consultant Rates