About Free Agent Source

The Open Source Consulting Firm™

Consulting Reimagined

FAS is a full-service consulting firm with one crucial difference: You engage consultants directly. Since they're independent professionals, you get straight answers and focus on your priorities. Because they're our employees, you get the accountability of enterprise consulting. Our catchphrase is simple: Get your people. Get (sh)it done.® If that's you, and you're hiring a consulting firm to achieve your goals, not cover your assets, you're our kind of people.

Eliminating the partnership model from full service consulting.

Freedom from 'Land and Expand'

Traditional (big 4) consulting firms are inefficient by design. There's a massive 'consulting tax' in the form of the partnership model. Everyone upstairs at the firm has to get paid. It's a known facet of the industry: the strategy is "land and expand".

Land and Expand Consulting

  • Pull in working "trainees" and other 'extras' from their bench of consultants. The more people on the project, the better.
  • Commit you to rigid, "signature" processes (rather than proceeding in the obvious manner). The more obscure the methodology, the better.
  • Burn time and money data-gathering, fact-finding, and churning out documentation. The less focus on actual delivery, the better.

Free Agent Source

  • Assemble only the team you need—no unnecessary consultants. Consultants have authority to revise scope and solve issues without "kicking it upstairs".
  • Transparent, open source methodology: we are agile practitioners who solve your problems in the most direct way possible.
  • Your priorities always win. Consultants provide an independent perspective with no requirement to present a centralized corporate position.

What a Difference the Consulting Model Makes

Free Agent Source does not rely on a partnership model. Expertise resides in the consultants on the ground, with whom you maintain a direct relationship. They are loyal to your goals and project success and are 100% accountable for execution. We never "rotate" consultants away from that relationship against your preferences. Any consultant you like joins your permanent network of professionals, so you always have a team ready for your next project.

I fired the traditional consulting firm today.

I bet that was sweet. Did you tell them you're with FAS now?

Yeah, they said FAS doesn't play much golf. I said, "neither do I." #LOL

Pssst! It's True: We Suck at Golf

We excel at getting work DONE.

Get your people. Get it done.

The Firm Founders

Sooner or later, if you're doing a project with Free Agent Source, you're going to meet these guys.

Steve Pruneau

HRIS solution architect, Consulting Operations, Founder
As the HRIS and Organizational Design practice leader at Free Agent Source, Steve Pruneau implements HRIS projects and organizational transformation initiatives for corporate clients. He has an entire network of professionals to support projects as needed. Steve is also called the FAS "Cultural Inspiration Mogul". Mostly by the other founder: "He's Moses to my Aaron."

Daniel DiGriz

Creative Director, Corporate Storyteller, Founder
As practice area leader for Sales and L&D / Education at Free Agent Source, Daniel DiGriz leads corporate clients to their sales and revenue goals through sales alignment, sales improvement, messaging/brand story, and campaign development. Daniel is also our resident "Diabolical Thought Developer" which is mostly having fun at throwing shade on the Big 4 consulting firms.

The Basics

Get Your Project Done

There are millions of independent professionals with expertise in every software app and professional skill on the planet. Free Agent Source makes it possible to engage them on the same professional level that you expect from any corporate consulting firm today. Get the team you need and get your project done.

We Deliver Completion

Free Agent Source is a consulting company focused on delivering your corporate projects without excessive analysis and endless presentations. We measure success based on project completion and positive client references, not stuffing the project with unneeded consultants and inflated billable hours.

Direct Access to Consultants

You will find our consultants are an entrepreneurial, "get it done" group of professionals because, while we often work in teams, each consultant is responsible for their own consulting practice. Every consultant chooses their engagements and has a stake in their client relationships. Every consultant is paid while working on projects and they are not paid when not working on projects. That's how we like it because it brings flexibility. You can be assured, every one of your consultants is on your project by choice.

And We're Recruiting

By the way, if you have a professional skill and you're thinking of starting your own consulting practice, Free Agent Source is the place to do it. Talk to us. Our clients need you.