You’re The Boss

Steve Pruneau

If the there’s no tax advantage in operating your own company compared to operating as your own business unit of Free Agent Source… and if we know it costs more and takes more time for each of us to maintain our own company separately… Then why do so many people want to create and maintain their own company?

It’s all about trust and control.

You’re like us!

Anyone who decides to go solo,
Anyone who wants to exit life as a traditional employee,
Anyone who would rather be Captain of their own row boat than First Mate on the biggest cruise ship in the world,

Anyone like that already doesn’t trust others. If you were ever an employee in a corporate organization, you probably experienced someone above you in the hierarchy trying to coerce or dominate you or a peer who tried to play the zero-sum game of career advancement at the expense of others. To avoid those experiences again, Free Agents like us need a high level of control over our work life, as much control as possible. We don’t want to concede control again. Which means we’re not going back to life as an employee.

We hear you.

When we tell people they don’t need to create their own company and advise they create their own business unit in FAS instead… we mean “You’re The Boss.” You’re not only directing your own business, you’re in control. You tell us what to do with the money. (And that really is how it works.)

At Free Agent Source, you’re in control:
– Manage the deal with clients.
– Decide how much business expense you will have and how much to pay yourself through payroll.
– No cost to leave Free Agent Source and take clients with you.

Welcome aboard Captain! The ship is yours.

Steve Pruneau

Steve Pruneau

Steve Pruneau leads executives and business owners to solve the gap between variable revenue and a fixed workforce. He is the first consultant at Free Agent Source. As a founder, Steve engages the broader community of corporate clients, entrepreneurs, startups and consultants. He manages company operations and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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