You're the project sponsor.

Your software implementation project hasn’t gone well. The vendor either built something that doesn’t work or isn’t able to build it at all.

You’ve tried the obvious.

You’ve switched consultants and changed project teams. It hasn’t worked—the solution falls short.

Failure is not an option.

The company has already committed to the software. There's no going back, yet the feature you want is simply not going to happen.


You know what an efficient action plan is.

The proposals you’ve received ask you to stake everything on the vendor's reputation and experience.

You’ve seen how this works.

You refuse to sacrifice 80% of your budget and allotted time on fact-finding and Powerpoint presentations.

Your name is on the project.

You want project requirements satisfied with real accountability. You refuse to hide behind a consulting firm’s brand name when it doesn’t happen.


Your need ongoing production support.

You’ve completed a software/IT project and the app needs occasional changes, customizations, and fixes.

The problem is continuity.

People keep leaving, poached by other teams or other firms.

You want permanent familiarity...

with your implementation. By the time new people get up to speed and gain familiarity with your app, they’ve moved on. Meanwhile, your reputation is tied to the continuity of support.

Flexible Workforce

Part of Our Consulting Offering Is Workforce Agility

Showing clients how to meet customer demand during spikes or growth while avoiding bleeds costs during lulls.

Thrive In Uncertainty With a Flexible Workforce

We'll walk your leadership team through a strategic shift.

Gain an Extraordinary Advantage

Trounce competition by matching workforce to workload–all the time.