The End of the World is Here

Asher Black

ImageThis is the infamous year. The world as we know it is over, it’s out, it’s falling into the abyss of obsolescence. Ordinary people are crashing the gates, almost exclusively over freedom and work, and ordinary industries and companies are just crashing.

It doesn’t take a Nostradamus to recognize that traditional employment, at least in the way it has been conceived until now, isn’t coming back. It has met its Gog and Magog. It’s partly because companies can’t afford to operate in an employer bubble, and partly because workers, in unprecedented droves, either don’t trust that bubble, or don’t want to go back. If you’re still waiting for someone to “create jobs”, you’re waiting for 2004.

As we go forward into a year not of destruction, but of hope, something new is rising up to supplant the old. 2012 is the year of free agency, of companies that ask for just-in-time professionals that have longer-term value than temp agencies can provide, and individuals that take care of themselves (and bill accordingly) instead of relying on corporate parentage. 2012 is the year we all come to our senses and redefine the company-professional relationship. If you’re interested in riding this wave with us, partner with Free Agent Source. See you at end of the world.

Asher Black

Asher Black

Asher Black is a co-founder of Free Agent Source and its Corporate Storyteller. As a consultant, his practice areas are Sales Effectiveness & Engagement, Education Program Implementation, Brand Story and Corporate Messaging. He often serves as a fractional leader, is a frequent public speaker, and media talent. He also lives in Brooklyn, plays guitar, writes fiction, and practices the martial arts.

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