4 Options for Hiring People


OPTION 1: As a traditional employer, you put people to work for your company because you need them now. But then:

  • You’re responsible to them, one way or another, as the company evolves.
  • The cost of everything that goes into maintaining their traditional employee status is high, even spread out over multiple employees. 
  • The commitment and the expense means you’re putting more risk into the company – and this at time when competitors are being even more cautious. 

OPTION 2: You contact a staffing agency but they:

  • Control the pool of candidates, so you’re looking for good fish in an increasingly small pond. 
  • Control the rate of pay, which is marked up more than double, and they’re not transparent with you about what they pay the associate, nor the associate about what they’re charging you – it’s a blind system. 
  • Hand out contract terms that mainly benefit them, with minimum term lengths, exclusivity requirements, and a buyout penalty if you want temp to hire.

OPTION 3: So you contract directly with individuals but:

  • That leaves you with only the candidates that can take care of their own health care and IRA – another small pond.
  • And then you’re having your attorney vett each individual contract arrangement, or else maintaining several different contract types with different contractors
  • You also take on all the hassles and inherent risk of 1099 arrangements – so you’re not much better off than being an employer. 

OPTION 4: Finally, you set up with Free Agent Source.

  • You can recruit anyone you want, using your in-house recruiting methods, outside recruiters, or candidates referred by FAS. No more small pond of candidates.
  • You and the candidate mutually agree on the rate. It’s transparent, and you pay an economical fixed percentage over what they make, so they can cover their costs with FAS. No more blind system. 
  • You have a corp to corp contract with FAS, with no minimum term lengths, no exclusivity requirements, and full freedom to do temp-to-hire at any time. No more one-sided contracts. 

It will be rare that we do a shameless plug. But if you want to ditch the risk and expense of being a traditional employer, the drawbacks of using a staffing agency, and the hassles of individual contracting, then Free Agent Source is the clear solution.

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