Retiring from a Job in order to Work


A recent retiree said today in an NPR interview, ‘When I was younger, life was pretty regimented – you went to school, you got a job, you lived, then you retired, but now that I’ve retired, for the first time I’m asking myself what I want to do, and whether there’s something I’m more interested in doing, whether I’d like to work, and what kind of work I’d like to do’. This is the situation of a lot of retirees.

Good science shows that those who work longer keep their memories and faculties longer – increasingly, with better health, people are living longer and not necessarily wanting to stop being productive, inquisitive, or face vocational challenges at the traditional retirement age. Perhaps that traditional age no longer makes sense – 65yrs was chosen because that was once the age at which most men began to die in vastly increased numbers.

But just because you want to work, doesn’t mean you necessarily want a traditional “job” (for some, that’s like going back to undergraduate status as a grad student), and you may also not want the hassles of running your own business.

Free Agent Source offers a novel solution for retirees wanting to work with more freedom and flexibility, and who perhaps still want benefits of traditional employment like group medical and 401K, and also don’t want the hassle of running their own business or maintaining a 1099-contractor status, which is much the same thing. Steve Pruneau, a company founder says, “If you’re wondering how to make this work, consider contacting Free Agent Source for a free consultation, with no sales pressure.”



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