Happiness is IRS form W-2

Steve Pruneau

I got my electronic W-2 from Free Agent Source last week and I’m ready to file my income taxes.  Even though I am an independent consultant and project manager, I have all the convenience of  filing taxes with form W-2 that traditional employees have.

Freelance Contractor California Los Angeles San Diego Job Postings SearchIRS form W-2 is our ticket to legitimacy.  Our culture is still incredibly biased in favor of traditional employment.  Therefore, if our employer files our income on form 1099, or if we are a sole proprietor, the IRS and creditors look at us more closely and life becomes harder.

But if our income is reported on form W-2, suddenly, magically, we are legitimate.  With your W-2 it’s like having VIP access: that big frowning bouncer un-hooks the red velvet rope and nods you into the club ahead of the line.

So this is why I am happy.  I don’t have a traditional employer telling me how much vacation I can have each year.  I am not stuck with a bad job and I am always looking for the next interesting project.  I’m living what many still believe is “not a stable work life” (which of course is not true).  And yet, I still have all the legitimacy of a traditional employee.  Oh, and on the W-2, box 13: “Retirement plan…”, I have that too.  Full-out 401(k) plan.

When I am looking for a loan or consumer credit, the conversation with the loan officer goes smoothly:

What is your profession? “Project Manager”.  Are you employed?  “Yes, Free Agent Source Inc.”  Can you provide us with your last 2 pay stubs and last year’s W-2?  “Sure, no problem.”  After they check my credit score and see no problems there either, I get waived into the club – loan approved.

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Steve Pruneau

Steve Pruneau

Steve Pruneau leads executives and business owners to solve the gap between variable revenue and a fixed workforce. He is the first consultant at Free Agent Source. As a founder, Steve engages the broader community of corporate clients, entrepreneurs, startups and consultants. He manages company operations and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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