Contract Jobs Accelerate the Hiring Process

Steve Pruneau

Too many people are trying to get back to permanent full-time jobs.  The interview process is ridiculously long because employers are trying to avoid mistakes.  Employer and employee are rushing into a permanent commitment over a few meetings.  Even in an environment of “at will” employment, terminating an employment relationship represents undesirable risk and distraction for the employer. (Saw this in the Orange County Register23% unemployed at least a year)

Time to look for contract jobs.  The interview process is much shorter because the risks are lower for you and for your client (formerly “employer”).  Neither is making a long-term commitment and either party can easily terminate the assignment if it doesn’t go well.

I love this about contracting.  If it looks like a good situation, I can just go for it without over-analyzing in the way I would if I were making a long-term commitment as an employee.

Once I’m in the contract job, I don’t have to take squeezing from anybody and they generally don’t try, in the way people do with employees.  I know where I stand in terms of my professional skills and so does my client.

Steve Pruneau leads executives and business owners to solve the gap between variable revenue and a fixed workforce. He is the first consultant at Free Agent Source. As a founder, Steve engages the broader community of corporate clients, entrepreneurs, startups and consultants. He manages company operations and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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