FAS combines the accountability you expect from a consulting firm with the autonomy and action of independent professionals.

Get your people, get (sh)it done.

She's figured it out.

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CEO Quote

"We spent 8 months and $500K with a traditional consulting firm, and I th ink all we got in the end was a PowerPoint presentation. It was the most expensive PowerPoint we ever had." - anonymous CEO. At FAS, we think consulting should be simple, not dysfunctional.

She gets more done.

No "Land and expand."

With FAS, consultants thrive on accomplishment and direct collaboration with the client company. There are no partners sitting above them whose sole job is to take money out of the company, so teams are never pushed to 'land and expand' or drive maximum billable hours. 

Her secret . . .

Institutional Knowledge

When you build long-term trusted relationships with consultants, you preserve institutional knowledge and create a permanent network of professionals surrounding your organization.

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From: Your favorite colleague . . . Subject: Executives meet your consultants!

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Enterprise Management Team
Executives and consultants meet
The Big Difference

We deliver the full range of consulting solutions for corporate clients. There's one important difference: you engage consultants directly.

"Got it. Call me!"

Meanwhile: On to the next thing . . .

Talk to us about how to fire your consulting firm.
No Gatekeepers

When you’re starting another project and want people you've worked with before, call your FAS consultant directly.

FAS is your permanent, open-source team of professionals. Only people who deliver value. No gatekeepers, hidden partners, or movie extras.

Weeks later: The feel of success . . .

The Advantage

We call the flexibility of FAS "Workforce Agility™". Beyond the current project, it gives you a competitive edge to trounce competition by matching workforce to workload, meeting customer demand during spikes or growth and avoiding bleed during lulls.

Free Agent Source, Inc.

We bring you enterprise grade professional services without the friction and baggage of traditional consulting.

HOW: We’re a consulting firm run by consultants, with no gatekeepers, partners, or movie extras. All the accountability, none of the dead weight.

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